There is a lot of debate around the use of multivitamins in the press and recent televised discussions on the need to take them.

The reality is if we take a balanced diet it is considered that we provide ourselves with the correct amount of vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy body. However if we do not have a balanced diet then the opposite is the case and supplementing the diet with vitamins could help considerably.

If you are deficient in any vitamin then there is a need to adjust the diet to eat correctly or in some cases of deficiency, the need to supplement the diet with extra vitamins.

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The fact is many people today have a great choice regarding their diet. We can choose to be Vegan, Vegetarian or simply choose to eat according to beliefs and individual tastes and these choices may affect our vitamin intake.

Additionally, there are a number of disorders which may prevent us from obtaining the nourishment we need, because they cause allergy or upset our bowel making us uncomfortable such as lactose intolerance or coeliac disease.

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In such cases people may decide with or without the guidance of a physician to adjust their diet, removing dairy or wheat products. Unfortunately they then miss out on certain vitamins contained within these foods such as iron, vitamin D, folate, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and B12.

As a result, there now becomes a need to adjust the diet to ensure people find alternative foods to help maintain a healthy vitamin intake. Having a poor diet, exercising heavily or just feeling unwell, by taking a vitamin supplement we can help get over those hurdles. 

The problem with traditional vitamin tablets

Traditional vitamin tablets only deliver around 10% of the vitamins they contain into your body for two reasons:

  1. The molecules are too large
  2. The stomach breaks them down before they can be absorbed

So traditional vitamins supplements (while better than nothing) aren’t absorbed as efficiently — so what can we do?

The solution: Liposomal supplements — 8 times better absorption for your body

We would suggest using a Liposomal Supplement from our Nutrivitality range. Liposomal supplements are specially designed to reach the stomach intact, allowing your body to obtain the full benefit.

Each sachet of Nutrivitality contains 15,000,000 Liposomes, providing you with 8x more absorption than traditional nutritional supplements. The range also has three specially developed Liposome vitamin products:

Immune Support, to reduce the incidence of colds and flu, Boost to keep you energised and Clearvision to support the maintenance of normal vision.

Try them for yourself and experience the difference they can make.

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