Immune support – cold & flu defence


With a delicious Lime flavour and utilising innovative Liposomal technology, Immune Support is scientifically formulated to help reduce both the incidence and longevity of colds and ‘flus.

How does it work?

Liposomal technology is a significant nutrition innovation. Each Immune Support sachet delivers over 15 million vitamins and nutrients 8 times more effectively compared to traditional tablets, by using special organic structures that protect the vitamins, ensuring they reach the places your body needs them.

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Each box contains a 30 day supply of Immune Support sachets (Lime flavour). Take one sachet per day on an empty stomach for maximum effect, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


How is it taken?

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  1. Shake sachet well
  2. Tear sachet
  3. Drink straight away or add to a cool drink

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What will it do for me?

Your defence against Colds and Flu

The scientifically prepared Liposome formula supports your immune system with essential antioxidants, to help combat the symptoms of colds and ‘flu. Studies have shown vitamin C can provide benefit for people exposed to colds, and taking vitamin C before the onset of a cold may shorten its duration.

A landmark study in 1984 showed that zinc also helped alleviate the effects of a cold, with some studies showing taking zinc regularly may reduce the number of colds contracted yearly and reduce their length, especially when taken within 24 hours of the first symptoms.

The Liposome technology used in Immune Support ensure high delivery and absorption of these nutrients which means that more is absorbed and available to your body to help against colds and flu.


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