Boneco A702 Filter for Boneco P700 air purifier


  • Ensure your Boneco P700 air purifier is in optimal condition and protecting your family. Simply replace the filter when the filter service light is illuminated on your air purifier unit.

  • Remove over 99% PM 2.5 and fine dust, reduce tobacco smoke, harmful gases such as VOC’s, formaldehyde, odours, exhaust gases
  • Decrease the susceptibility to allergies of your family
  • Filter combination: Pre-Filter + HEPA Filter + Active Carbon Filter
  • Filters: Dust, Pollen, Hair, Bacteria, Germs, Insecticide, Harmful Gases, unpleasant odours, Carbon, Dust, Ash, Fine Dust, (HEPA), SMOG, Tobacco, Formaldehyde, Exhaust Gases (Active Carbon Filter)

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Replacement allergy filter for your high performance BONECO P700 air purifier unit.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 269 × 72 × 542 mm


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