Love the air you breathe

with our air purifiers & humidifiers

Do you suffer from these poor indoor air symptoms?


Do you have difficulty…

Swallowing, have a dry nose, mouth or chapped lips? Are you tired, headachey and suffering concentration problems?


Are you frequently…

Suffering with red, sore or stinging eyes? Increased blinking, glare sensitivity or sneezing often?


Does your skin feel dry…

Is it often stretched, itchy, and does it tend towards inflammations right through to eczemas?

Air purifiers & humidifiers, designed to solve the biggest problem of our time


of people worldwide live where air pollution exceeds WHO guidelines


of urban dwellers are exposed to air pollution limits exceeding WHO guidelines


of people worldwide do not breathe safe air

*Source: World Health Organization

Clean, healthy indoor air — inspired by nature

City dwellers, allergy sufferers, to people with reduced immune systems, our range of air treatment systems offer functionality, designed to meet your unique requirements.

City dweller with ‘dry’ indoor air?

Air conditioned or centrally heated rooms suffer ‘dry’ air, while ‘city living’ increases exposure to harmful air contaminants. Hybrid purifiers/humidifiers provide air quality comparable to that found in nature.

Suffering with ‘dry’ indoor air?

If you live or work in an air conditioned building or warm environment, a quality air humidifier/washer is like the spray from a waterfall — the perfect way to refresh your air.

Allergy sufferer and/or city dweller?

Air is transformed, feeling like you are in the mountains breathing clean air. Special air filters (smog, baby, or allergy) allow a choice that is best for you and all filters are HEPA reduce 99% of allergens on the filter.

H680 Hybrid Purifier & Humidifier

The Boneco H680 is a perfect choice, for city dwellers with dry air. Used as a Humidifier, Air Purifier, or combination of both – it is efficient and quiet.


  • 2-in-1 hybrid, operating as humidifier or purifier
  • High humidification capacity up to 100 m², high clean air delivery rate 
  • Thanks BABY MODE ideal for young families

W200 Humidifier & Air Washer

Perfect for dry air sufferers, the Boneco W200 efficiently humidifies and washes the air. With a stylish design, it fits seamlessly into any room.


  • Humidifies with efficiency using an innovative evaporator mat
  • Cleans air of large particles (pollen, household dust)
  • Easy to clean – washer and dishwasher safe

P500 Air Purifier

The perfect choice for allergy sufferers and city dwellers. Attractive and stylish the Boneco P500 purifies indoor air efficiently.


  • Air purification according to personal preference: ALLERGY/BABY/SMOG
  • High cleaning output: airflow up to 280 m3 per hour
  • Clear indication of the air quality in the living room

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The health benefits from clean indoor air


Helps reduce…

Dry skin and blocked respiratory tracts, stinging eyes and voice disorders — fall in love with your indoor air



Particles in the air, minimises pet odours and smells, with everyone in the house feeling better


Breathe easily…

Reduces flu viruses and pollen in the air. Slow down dust formation, minimise electrostatic charging and reduce smells

Create a great climate…

For your children, pets and plants. Wooden flooring is protected against cracks and retains its shape and function

Maintain control…

Of your familys health and well being. Don’t give allergens any opportunity to take hold



Symptoms in a natural way and free the air of allergens. Maintain the protective function of your mucous membranes

What people are saying…

This is one serious clean air system. We have lots of contaminants entering our body in the air we breathe, the water we drink, even our foods. It’ s good to know that a cleaner and humidifier at this level of quality exists to take care of a very strong component of beter living with healthy air.

John Davies

Kensington, London

The Boneco W200 is by far the best humidifier I’ve owned and requires little maintenance, just cleaning once a week. I rinse the filter, the base goes in the dishwasher. Not replaced the filter yet despite having hardwater. I always refresh it without additives or conditioners. Had it since December — great job!

Richard Forster

Bournemouth, Dorset

Since owning my Boneco P500 I’ve been running it continuously and compared to other brands I have tried in the past, this one wins hands down. The Boneco P500 is quieter and the simple sleek design is gorgeous. You can see dust particles being drawn into the unit and the air feels so much cleaner.

Patricia Langford

Merseyside, Liverpool

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